Breast Cancer Books

Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2014, friends have sent me several books on the subject. I thought I’d share a few of  them here, because this is what I’m faced with right now. This is what I’m living. And, this is most certainly the subject I will write about next.

It’s still unbelieveable to me that just a few years ago my mother was fighting breast cancer, and then my father died of cancer in 2010. His death prompted me to write my second book, “Next of Kin.” And now I will have my own tale to tell.


Although I’ve already started working on a couple of other writing projects, including the sequel to “Stockdale”, I’m going to share my personal experience on this fight first. But never worry, you WILL find out what happens to Cassie Taylor and all her friends.

In the meantime, while I’m focusing on my treatment and deciding on the breast cancer messages I want to share, I hope anyone out there fighting this disease will enjoy these.



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