“This is the story of a girl labeled as “black,” who sees the world in Technicolor and fights for self-definition in a microcosm that revolves around flesh tones.” — K. Danielle Edwards, author of Stacy Jones

I have to say, I love Priscilla’s writing style. Although you’re reading her words, it’s as if she’s talking directly to you and you can tell she’s “soft-spoken”, but through her words she let’s the reader experience emotions as she experiences them. I can see why she became a writer. After reading “Next of Kin” I have become one of her biggest fans. In fact, I’ve since ordered “Stockdale” and am anxiously awaiting her new upcoming books.” Randy Diaz, Paris Missives
“A charming lady and an incorrigible creator” — Sab Will, Paris If You Please


Priscilla Lalisse is a new voice from the South. Stockdale is a novel of hope in its representation of a town in transition and in its presentation of a character, Cassie Taylor, who has risen above the racism of her society.” — Dr. Lewis Tatham, Professor Emeritus and Former Chair, Department of Language and Literature, Austin Peay State University


“I enjoyed how the author put the topic of inter-racial relationships into the context of the post-civil rights era south. Priscilla Lalisse does an excellent job creating a realistic small town setting for the book, and her depictions of college life, and even life in Korea were detailed enough for me to visualize and feel like I was there.” — Reviewed by Stacey Seay of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

Author Priscilla Lalisse-Jespersen purged raw emotions into her short story “Next Of Kin.” Priscilla learns of the death of her father while residing in France. Her father struggled with cancer before. After learning that his cancer returned, Priscilla thought this time would be like any other and end in remission. That was until she received the dreadful phone call in the middle of the night. That was the night that her world as she knew it turned upside down. She not only had to go through the stages of mourning, she also had to learn about the greed of family members and the responsibilities of being the next of kin.

If you are someone who has experienced the death of a loved one, you will be able to relate with the author’s struggles. The author’s natural emotions are deeply felt. One minute she is planning the burial of her father, the next she is thinking about the past. If you are an individual that wants details along the lines of a story, this book is not for you. I enjoyed “Next of Kin.” I could feel the author’s emotions. This would definitely be a good book for a grief and loss support group. Would I purchase another book by this author? Most definitely. I look forward to reading her novel ‘Stockdale.’ ” Sabrina, OOSA Book Club